As mentioned before, (GRAND)PARENT and names don't only depend on their file names. This means that a file can be named but have it displayed as Greek Salad Review on the sidebar.

Filenames are being used for sorting (and if there isn't a custom name set). For example, the following two files,,, will be displayed in the following order on the sidebar:

- salad-review-01
- salad-review-02

However their names can be:

- Greek Salad Review
- Caesar Salad Review

They are sorted based on their filenames and not their custom names. - Post custom names

Markdown files can have metadata using Front Matter. In general, it's just a YAML object at the top of your file. SveltePress uses postName as the custom name for


postName: Greek Salad Review

I liked it

(GRAND)PARENT - Category custom names

Just like above, but there are 2 differences:

  • It has to be in a file named at the root of the folder
  • Instead of postName the key is groupName

Why is a popular file name for a "cover" of a git repo. Usually it gets rendered along-side the client's explorer. This means that if the content is on a git repo, the user will be able to see this file rendered.

Eg. in the following sidebar

inside the posts/blog/ folder there's a readme with the following content:

groupName: Blog

This folder contains random blog posts I wrote!

apart from setting the custom name, it will look like this on a git client: