The best way to install SveltePress is by using degit. degit works similarly to git but uses only the latest commit (plus can be configured to delete some files), you can read more about it on its repo page.

# Replace `my-sveltepress-project` with the name you desire
npx degit GeopJr/SveltePress my-sveltepress-project
# or by using create-sveltepress-app (which wraps the above)
npx create-sveltepress-app create my-sveltepress-project

# Change directory to the folder from the previous step
cd my-sveltepress-project

# Install dependencies
# PNPM is recommended but both YARN and NPM will do
pnpm install

Note: src/routes/index.svelte is self-contained, feel free to delete, modify or leave it as is.


Handled by SvelteKit

pnpm run dev -- --open


Handled by SvelteKit

Open svelte.config.js and choose your preferred adapter (the comments will guide you).

pnpm run build

# Preview your build
pnpm run preview

Note: Both pnpm/yarn/npm run build & pnpm/yarn/npm run dev run a small script that generates some index databases before running the svelte-kit command.