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Svelte  Press

Welcome to SveltePress

Documentation for relatives.everyone.

Let's get started

Powered by SvelteKit

SveltePress is built on top of SvelteKit, a powerful web framework, while taking advantage of Svelte's incredible performance and simplicity.

Made for humans

Markdown files are structured according to the filesystem, shrinking the gap between File Manager and content creator.


Replacable themes, markdown converters, components, pages, functions... SveltePress was made for you.

a terminal showing the output of the tree command, output includes a file structure of markdown files and SveltePress sidebar generated using the previous structure

Filesystem based Structure

Folders become categories, files become posts. Simple as that.


With a theming API with almost zero restrictions, you can modify everything to fit your needs.

the cakepop official theme in front of the carbon one
screenshots of multiple guis of sveltepress (gtk, qt, flutter (desktop & mobile)

Compile to native

Desktop, Mobile, e-books & more. With the power of Flutter, GTK, QT & Pandoc you can target Web, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, .epub, .pdf, .docx & a whole lot more from one codebase.